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Clare Dunn Is 'Holding Out For A Cowboy'

There's a lot to love about the boys of the Wild West, and country star Clare Dunn has delivered the ultimate "cowboy assessment" song.

In her latest release, "Holding Out For A Cowboy," Clare is throwing a lariat rope around the cowboy characteristics that single people should look for when it comes to finding their true love.

And, while knowing how to "rope and ride" might be a bonus, Clare confirms it's not a requirement. 

 "You know when I am talking about a cowboy, it's more of a metaphor," says Clare in a recent interview with Cody Alan. "It's the type of guy, the type of person, that embodies those characteristics that we think of as the best things about a cowboy." 

"He's strong and knows how to treat a lady. He's a gentleman and, you know, loyal," says Clare. "It was a little bit of a page out of my life, you know?" 

Clare's advice might make her the matchmaker we didn't know we needed, but her final piece of advice might be the most important. 

"And just realizing that when it's not right, it's ok to hold out until it is right," says Clare. 

If Clare Dunn is a hint toward what's to come in the future of love stories — the future is bright

Listen to Clare's new song "Holding Out For A Cowboy" by clicking the link below and start practicing your lasso techniques! You never know when you might have to reel a cowboy into your arms.

Catch Clare on the radio with Cody Alan every Wednesday night by finding your CMT Radio station at www.CMTCody.com.

Photo Credit: Clare Dunn.

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