Carrie Underwood Narrowly Escapes Wardrobe Malfunction During Vegas Show

Carrie Underwood Performs On NBC's "Today"

Photo: Getty Images

Carrie Underwood, the 40-year-old star of the Las Vegas residency "Reflection," recently shared a candid incident that occurred before hitting the stage.

During her interview with PEOPLE, she recounted a near wardrobe malfunction when a zipper unexpectedly gave way.

"A zipper busted open right before I went onstage. Luckily, my dresser added a big bow, and no one knew the difference. Stage magic, people!" she chuckled, emphasizing the behind-the-scenes ingenuity that saved the day."

Carrie Underwood, a Grammy Award-winning artist, has extended her Las Vegas residency until 2024. Commencing in December 2021 at the Resorts World Theater, a newly opened 5,000-seat venue, she made history as the theater's first performer.

Reflecting on the experience, Carrie expressed her delight in the intimate atmosphere, saying,

"That theater is so great. They did such a great job of setting it up; it is very easy to just see everybody. For me, that’s the best part. I see familiar faces. I see fan club members. I see people that I’ve met before. I see people from all over the world in the audience."

She also highlighted the unique aspects of her Las Vegas shows, where she can delve into deep cuts and spontaneous song choices. This freedom allows her to offer something distinct to her audience and creates a special connection with her fans.

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