'NBC Nightly News' Inadvertently Catches UFO On Camera

Photo: Getty Images

The Southwestern part of the country has been a hotbed for UFO activity for many decades. It's where a UFO is rumored to have crashed in Roswell in 1947, and it's the home of the infamous Area 51, where the government may or may not house extraterrestrial crafts. Over the past few years, there have been hundreds of strange sightings in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, and some have even been caught on camera, including one that was inadvertently filmed by NBC Nightly News.

It happened during reporter Cynthia McFadden's story about how Arizona's Navajo Nation dealt with the state's water crisis during the pandemic. At one point in the piece, Native Americans could be seen playing instruments and singing, but above them, an unidentified disc-shaped object bursts through some clouds and flies across the sky.

Most viewers are pretty certain it is a plane, but others contest that a plane wouldn't rip through clouds the way the craft in the video does. You can see the moment the object appears in the actual NBC News story at the 2:46 mark.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to see a UFO on TV like this. Recently, NASA formed a panel on unidentified anomalous phenomena to investigate what they could be. They've already looked into more than 800 and while many can be explained, there are still 5% that are "possibly really anomalous." Perhaps what NBC filmed is one of them.

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