Miranda Lambert Is 'A Walking Firework' Wearing This Eye-Popping Look

Photo: Getty Images

Miranda Lambert reflected on her three favorite, must-see moments of her Las Vegas residency shortly after announcing additional dates of the high-energy show at Zappos Theater.

Lambert highlighted a few standout moments from her Velvet Rodeo residency, including her entrance to the stage (in a way that the award-winning artist said she's never done before), a stunning and emotional moment as she performs “Carousel” (one of the songs included on her latest 15-track project, Palomino), and “when I light my arms on fire.” Lambert is “like a walking firework” as sparks fly from the fringes along her sleeves.

Lambert announced last week that she’s “gonna keep the party goin in Vegas,” adding new dates to the residency in 2023. She announced Velvet Rodeo earlier this year, and explained to host Amy Brown at her iHeartCountry LIVE show that the show got its name because she’s “built a career on being feminine and still keeping a bada** edge, and I think that’s important and I felt like Velvet Rodeo would encompass that. …(Velvet Rodeo) felt like my catalog as a whole, and it’s a line in the new song and it just felt very Vegas to me.”

Watch Lambert share her favorite Velvet Rodeo moments here:

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