Selena Gomez Has A 'Bigger Role' In 'Hotel Transylvania 4': See The Trailer

Selena Gomez put her all into Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, the fourth and final installment of the movie franchise.

As per ScreenRant, the superstar has a more prominent role as Mavis in the upcoming film, which she executive produced. Aside from Gomez, Derek Drymon and Jennifer Kluska directed the forthcoming installment as series creator Todd Durham and director Genndy Tartakovsky left their original roles. Word has it Adam Sandler did not return for the final installment, but the film's cast does include Kathryn Hahn, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi, Keegan-Michael Key, David Spade, Molly Shannon and Jim Gaffigan.

"Mavis really has a much bigger role in this movie, so very early on, we were sharing drafts with Selena as well as some early artwork and board pitches," Klusha said in an interview with ScreenRant. "We were really being conscious of the fact that, more so even than what's in the trailer, Mavis really becomes the character who is driving the solution. She ends up with information the other characters don't have in the second and third act to bring her husband and her father back to who they should be. And Selena really embraced taking Mavis to that next level and seeing what lengths this character could go to in this movie, which was great."

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania hits theaters on July 23.

Photo: Getty Images