Unique Costumes Are "In" This Halloween!

Well it's inescapable now. Halloween is quickly on the approach and if you don't have a costume yet, you'd better hurry before the pop up shops run out!

And if you're wondering what kind of costume you should go for this year, it looks like "unique" costumes are the new trend! 

A new poll finds that 25% of people say they are looking for a unique one-of a kind Halloween costume this year. 

40% of people planning to dress up say they’ll choose a costume based on pop culture.

And only 5% say they're picking a political or historical costume (thank God. I'm so done with politics).

Word is that they hottest costumes will be centered around favorite tv shows and movies! And we should also expect to see a lot of couples costumes, with 57% of people saying they plan to coordinate their costume with someone, or several people.

I think I'm gonna go as a radio DJ. That way I can just wake up and put on my normal clothes! 

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