Fun To Be Had This Fall!

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So I've said it before and I'll say it again, Autumn really is my favorite time of the year. It finally cools off and its the perfect weather for some great foods plus, outdoor activities! Here's a list of some fun stuff to do outside this Fall! 

  • Hayride - Some of my favorite childhood memories come from hayrides. There's just something about it that is so fun! Plus it can be pretty romantic for the adults.
  • Outdoor movies - 1. Some places do an outdoor movie series. 2. Make your own! Find a projector and lay out in the yard with a blanket and loved ones! 
  • Get lost in a corn maze - Corn mazes can be found all over this time of the year and they can be loads of fun! 
  • Head to an apple orchard for some picking - My family and I did this the other day. It's one of those traditions that I can't wait to pass down to my own children.
  • Take a hike - The heat & humidity is gone, the leaves are changing and now's the perfect time! Comfortable and beautiful out! 
  • Camping - It might be chilly, but that’s part of the fun, right? Plus there are fewer mosquitoes in the fall. And s’mores and campfires are more fun when it’s cooler.
  • Bird watching - Catch the flocks flying south for warm weather this season.
  • Have a fall-themed picnic - Grab some seasonal snacks, some apple cider or hot chocolate and head to a scenic spot to enjoy your goodies in the crisp fall weather. My favorite is a hot chicken noodle soup or some homemade chili! 
  • Stargazing - Put your jacket on and get outside after dark to enjoy the autumn sky, it’s the only time you can see certain constellations. Of course, this one is subject to avoiding all the rain. 
  • Take a harvest tour - Most wineries and vineyards open to the public for special tours during harvest time. The kiddos will like eating fresh grapes and seeing how they get mashed to make wine. The adults will enjoy tasting the finished product.

Original List Source: The Stir

The point is, get out and have a good time. Autumn is a great time of the year to be with loved ones and make some memories outside!

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