Margot Robbie Moving Forward on 'Suicide Squad' Spinoff

Suicide Squad Premiere In New York for Carrera

Recently there were rumors flying around that Margot Robbie was pushing for Harley Quinn to get her own movie - a 'Suicide Squad' spinoff.

Now it seems that the movie is getting underway! It will be called 'Birds Of Prey,' and Robbie has secured Cathy Yan to direct the film.

'Birds Of Prey' is a DC Comics series that focuses on an everchanging line-up of female heroes, villains, and antiheroes.

Other than Harley Quinn herself, there's still no official word on which female characters will star in the film. But characters that're considered to be very likely are: Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Power Girl, Poison Ivy, and Vixen.

Robbie also says that Harley will be getting a new look in this film, though says she can't say just yet what it will be.

“No, honestly [it’s] because the costumes haven’t been designed yet but yes she’ll have new looks,” says Robbie. “There will be new Halloween costumes out there, one day.”

Get all the details about the new film 'Birds Of Prey' now at Yahoo Movies!

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