Here's How You Can Score Some Free Chick-fil-A!

Today is Chick-fil-A's 14th annual Cow Appreciation Day! And in honor of the day, you can score a free entree! 

All  you gotta do is dress like a cow!

Or wear something cow related and mention it while ordering! 

Adults just have to wear any type of cow-ish attire and they'll be offered a free entree, such as an Original Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Nuggets or Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit. 

For the kids, they can score a free kids meal if you dress them up in a cow costume... Though personally I wonder if that'll be the source of future therapist visits for them. 😂

Its going on all day today from open til 7pm at participating locations! 

Source: Chew Boom

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