Grilling Safety Tips!

Now that the summer heat is finally here, its time to take to the outdoors and fire up that grill! There's nothing quite like a perfectly smoked chunk of meat. 

But remember, grilling can be dangerous! Especially when using gas grills! Here's some safety tips to keep in mind when using the grill! 

  • Gas grills are easier to use, and misuse - While gas grills are easier and quicker than charcoal, they can also be vastly more dangerous if not cared for and maintained properly. 
  • Keep the lid open when lighting - Leaving the grill lid closed when lighting the gas grill could allow the gas to pool and potentially explode.
  • Check for gas leaks with the bubble test - Take equal parts soap and water and brush or spray it through the gas connection or hose while the gas is off. Then, turn on the gas tank valve only. Before lighting it, check for soap bubbles. If they don’t form, go ahead and light it, but if you see bubbles, turn off the gas and replace the broken grill part.
  • Set up away from trees and 10 feet from structures - Always keep your grill at least 10 feet from structures, no matter if it’s charcoal or gas. And stay away from trees when grilling because a windy day could cause overhanging branches to catch fire.
  • Rust is a red flag - Rust is a sign you’re not maintaining your grill properly. Rust can build up and keep your meats from cooking thoroughly. And it can attach to your food, and you don’t really want to eat that stuff.
  • A meat thermometer is a must - You’ll need tongs and a grill brush as well as a thermometer, or even better, several of them, so you can use one in each type of meat you’re cooking.

Source: Today

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