Macy's Adding Mobile Checkout To Their App

Macy’s has announced that they are adding the option for Mobile Checkout to their app!

This means most store items will be able to be purchased using a smartphone, and bypass checkout lanes.

Testing will begin later this month at select stores, but in to use it customers will need to download the Macy’s app, which will be available for Android and iOS. Once in the store, customers will have to connect to the Macy’s free Wi-Fi and then all they have to do is scan the price tag of the item they want, apply any discounts they have, and pay with a credit card that’s already registered in the app.

Customers won’t be able to just walk out of the store though. They'll have to hit a Mobile Checkout counter before exiting in order to verify their purchase and have the security tags removed, but that’s still bound to be much faster than a regular checkout.

Source: USA Today

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