Is Your Job The Best In The Country? just released their annual 2018 Best Jobs in the United States list, judging careers based on salary and opportunity.

If you want the best of the best job, you might want to consider construction! 10 of the top 25 jobs on the list are in that industry.

Top Ten Best Jobs in the United States for 2018(average base salary)

  1. Commercial Project Manager ($81,023)
  2. Full Stack Developer ($111,640)
  3. Computer Vision Engineer ($131,297)
  4. Machine Learning Engineer ($136,241)
  5. Preconstruction Manager ($95,337)
  6. Construction Superintendent ($85,170)
  7. Optometrist ($131,692)
  8. Data Scientist ($132,915)
  9. Chief Estimator ($116,848)
  10. Development Operations Engineer ($125,714)

Source: Money

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