Going On Vacation? Here's What Not To Pack!

Packing a suitcase

Spring is here! Vacation season is right around the bend! Time to start planning those trips! And remember that packing doesn't have to be a pain. Some experts have put out a list of things to leave at home!

Things you should never pack for a vacation include:

  • Your best jewelry – They’ll likely get lost or damaged in your suitcase. Stick to costume jewelry.
  • Backup toiletries – One of everything is plenty.
  • A heavy jacket – Unless you’re vacationing in frigid temps, a light jacket and layers will suffice.
  • Multiple pairs of jeans – Just pack your favorite pair, multiple pairs will be heavy and take up too much space.
  • An extra pair of heels – You really should bring only one neutral pair that matches everything.
  • Your hairdryer – Most hotels and Air BNBs have them.
  • Full bottles of medication – Leave the bottles at home, and just bring what you need in a plastic bag.
  • Your tablet – Just use your phone, and save some space.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – Hotels always have free shampoo and conditioner, and if you don’t like it you can always buy something at the local pharmacy or store.
  • Your laptop – If you’re traveling for fun and not work, why drag it along.
  • Multiple purses – Find one bag that’s good for day and night and leave the rest at home.
  • A statement piece – If something isn’t going to match everything else in your bag, it’s taking up too much space. 

Source: Bustle

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